Tuesday, February 23, 2010

UDDI v3 HelloWord

This demo shows a how to obtain an authentication token from a UDDI v3 Server. It is using the juddi-client, which connects to a jUDDI-3.0.1 server over JAX-WS. Note that since it is using the UDDI v3 API this should work using any UDDI v3 compliant server. To bring up a jUDDI server see the GettingStarted demo.


  1. Hey, everything seems so easy, but where I can find this helloworld example, I've got juddy3.0.4 bundle running, got eclipse, but cannot find such helloworld example. And how to set up eclipse?

  2. Check out the code from SVN, and you should find it in the docs directory. --Kurt

  3. I have the same problem,I try to check out the code but the link is broken or the url isn't correct.Can it be possible?

  4. We should really add the examples to the bundle (I just opened a jira for it.). But in the mean time you should be able to use:
    for anyone of thesetags.

  5. any suggestion, i cannot download the files only view option is available

    1. Hi Themba,

      Just use the instructions to download from SVN using anonymous access:


  6. nice your all tutorial help me a lot man but when i run my ant then give following error ,,,

    8: E:\Users\kstam\apps\apache-ivy-2.1.0 does not exist.