Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting Started with UDDI v3

Nowadays it is very easy to get started with a UDDI v3 registry. Here are the steps to get started with jUDDI v3.

1. From the jUDDI releases page, download the latest jUDDI v3 tomcat-bundle, or if you want an additional browser then you can download the portal-bundle.

2. Unzip the bundle and start the server by running the bin/ (use the start.bat on windows).

3. Since the UDDI v3 API is a WebServices API you can interact with it using tools like SoapUI. Visit to download SoapUI. Unzip the and start it using /bin/

4. Open your browser to http://localhost:8080/juddiv3, and save the wsdls for the security, publish and inquiry API.

5. Import these WSDLs into a SoapUI project, and you are now ready to use the API. See also the demo to publish and delete a business.

The demo is broken down into 2 parts, please scroll down for part 2 of the demo.