Monday, February 22, 2010

jUDDI load tested in the Amazon Cloud

Our friends at Global Quality Partners, LLC and Xceptance, Inc posted a nice article on load testing jUDDI 3.0.0 on JBOSS 5.1 (the CXF web services stack) using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 and MySQL 5.0 all running in the Amazon EC2.

Great work guys!


p.s. the testsjavascript:void(0) are checked in under the 'qa' directory in the jUDDI source tree. And if you want to run it follow the instructions in the GettingStarted.txt:

1. Start the jUDDI server at port 8080.

2. Place the license.xml.donotcheckin file in the qa/xlt directory. If you are a developer on the jUDDI project you can receive a copy of this file by asking for it on the juddi-dev mailing list. Without the license XLT is limited to running 5 users.

3. Run 'ant loadtest'. This will download XLT, configure the XLT software and start the loadtest

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