Tuesday, May 18, 2010

jUDDI v3.0.2 Released

I'm proud to announce that the latest jUDDI code has been released as version 3.0.2. A huge thanks to all who were involved. This was the first release using the release plugin and hosting the release on Nexus. It contains a slew of bug fixes and small enhancements. One enhancement is the ability to use multiple client (managers) on the same Classloader, which was important when inVM Transport between client and server is used. Also we resolved what seemed memory leak issues with OpenJPA which turned out related to not running the enhancement phase correctly. This means that the bundles now use OpenJPA by default. Finally, we added a ton of documentation, and as our users are starting to use the new features we have already received some great addition documentation back.

For a full report see the Release Notes - jUDDI - Version 3.0.2