Monday, November 8, 2010

RiftSaw integrates jUDDI for auto-registration of BPEL processes.

Recently I worked on RiftSaw. RiftSaw is the Apache ODE BPEL engine deployed to JBoss. The deployment code in RiftSaw allows BPEL processes to be deployed to the appserver in jar archives. When the BPEL process is deployed both the Service and its BindingTemplate (EndPoint information) are registered, and a partnerLinkChannel is created for each partnerLink. UDDI lookup will obtain the WSDL Endpoint from the UDDI and access this URL to obtain the WSDL straight from the Service. Upon undeployment the BindingTemplate is removed from the UDDI Registry. The Service is removed with the removal of the last BindingTemplate. For more information see the RiftSaw User Guide. This functionality allows for dynamic endpoint discovery of BPEL Services.

Most of the functionality developed for RiftSaw integration is part of the jUDDI client code. If you are interested check out the functionality of the UDDIClerk. Note that the same UDDIClerk is used by the UDDI Annotations.