Friday, February 17, 2012

Release announcement jUDDI-3.1.3 and Scout-1.2.5

The jUDDI team is proud to announce the release of jUDDI-3.1.3 and Scout-1.2.5. Besides bug fixes, the latest release of jUDDI has seen development on the jUDDI client to make it easier to interact with the UDDI Registries. Besides using the client code to access our own Apache jUDDI Registry it has been tested to work with for example Systinet's and SAP's Registries. We added some interesting features to the client such as a clientside cache and the registration of WSDL and BPEL processes according to respectively technote Using WSDL in a UDDI Registry, Version 2.0.2 and Using BPEL4WS in a UDDI registry. More details on how to use this will follow.

On the JAXR front we made sure Scout-1.2.5 passes all tests in the JEE6 TCK. The tests were run using a jUDDI v2 registry, but we plan to make sure they also work using the latest jUDDI v3 registry.

The releases can be downloaded at: and




  1. Kurt, Tom et al,

    Congratulations !! jUDDI is going to be an even more success with its users. We as users will benefit.

    Thank you.

  2. It is going to be exciting about how jUDDI-3.1.3 and Scout-1.2.5.Will benefit users.