Thursday, October 29, 2009

jUDDI-3.0.0 Released!

I'm proud to announce that jUDDI-3.0.0 is released! jUDDI now supports all the required UDDIv3 APIs. jUDDI-3.0.0 has a lot of new and exiting features, some of which are
  • Implements all the UDDIv3 required APIs.
  • Plugin architecture for Cryption and Authentication.
  • Flexible way of seeding your UDDI node.
  • Using the following specifications to keep the jUDDI code base small
    • JPA (tested with OpenJPA and Hibernate) and
    • JAXB (tested with SUNs implementation, and native JDK6)
    • JAX-WS (tested with CXF)
  • Annotations to Self-Register/UnRegister your services and their Bindings.
  • Support for multi-node UDDI setups using the client and server-side Subscription APIs.
  • Introduction of the "UDDI Clerk" concept to support cross registration of UDDI entities.
  • UDDI Console with GWT based portlets
    • Browse portlet
    • Search portlet
    • Subscription portlet
    • Publisher portlet
  • Ready-to-go bundles: juddi-tomcat and juddi-portal.
  • Run in Embedded mode, RMI or SOAP.
  • Tested to work with Scout-1.2 (JAXR).
  • Integrated into JBossESB.
  • In production for the past 6 months at eSigma.
  • Tested with both SUN and OpenJDK JDKs.
  • Tested under load using XLT test suite.
Each of these bullet-points really needs its own blog post! Until then please check out the User Guide for more details.


the jUDDI team


  1. Hi, I can't donwloand it.

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    InterScan Web Security detected the following in HTTP traffic:

    Action: deleted
    Reason: Violation of a compressed file restriction

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    The uncleanable file is deleted.

  2. The user guide link appears to be broken.

  3. Yup it was, we changed over from an open office document to docbook. It should be all better now.

  4. About the download, just try another mirror if that one does not work for you. We've tested the binaries and they are good, so something is corrupting your download.

  5. Is it working with GLassfish or Sailfin?
    Have anyone tried to publish a web service using the Glassfish's web console interface ?

  6. We just added documentation on deploying jUDDI to Glassfish. Would love to hear your feedback. Here is the link: