Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Release jUDDI v2 - Thank you Steve Viens

The release of jUDDI v2 marks the beginning of a new era.

jUDDI is the brainchild of Steve Viens, who led the project from the inception year of 2003 to 2007. jUDDI started as project on SourceForge and was into the Apache Incubator in Oct 8, 2003. The project graduated to the Apache Web Services Project in March 24, 2004. In 2004 the project pushed to get to a 1.0 release, and the jUDDI-0.9rc3 release turned out to be a strong candidate. The move to Apache gave the project more visibility and the different 0.9 release candidates have been bundled with many Application Servers. Thank you Steve for building a UDDI community and for all the hard work to get jUDDI where it is now!

Recently we changed the major release version to 2, this to line up the jUDDI version with the UDDI spec version she implements.

jUDDIv2 implements the UDDIv2 specification
jUDDIv3 implements the UDDIv3 specification

To easiest way to get started with jUDDI is to download the juddi-tomcat-2.0.0 bundle. This is a ready to go jUDDI server running on Tomcat. Once this is running you can read up on how to switch from the embedded Derby database to let's say MySQL. If you have question please browse through the answers given on the jUDDI mailing lists. If you don't find one, simply get involved and ask your own question.

What's next?

With jUDDIv2 released we can now fully focus on implementing the UDDI v3 specification. More on that later.



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